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Non-Campaign Work

Our years of experience in the dog-eat-dog world of politics will prove invaluable to your commercial or nonprofit venture.

We’ll help you create and implement a top-notch marketing plan with all the bells and whistles. Our experts can design, write and update your web page and social media sites.  We design newspaper ads, mailings and produce high-quality television and radio advertising.

If your business means working with the media and public relations, we’ll organize press conferences, distribute press releases and help you prepare for public appearances.

We'll target your audience so your marketing reaches the right people and your advertising budget stays low.

Our non-political clients include Folly Jazz Festival, McLeod Law Group, LLC, and Bowen's Island Restaurant.


Issue Advocacy and Public Affairs

McIntosh Consulting has worked with dozens of clients advocating on important issues such as healthcare policy, local land use issues, and advocating for policies that keep tobacco out of the hands of children. 

Whatever your public affairs needs are, McIntosh Consulting has the background and experience to engage your audience and get your message out there. 

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