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Client Reviews


"Lachlan McIntosh...does mostly represent Democrats, and he also has a habit of winning." 

- Columnist Steve Bailey, October 2021

Check out what past clients have to say about McIntosh Consulting LLC:

Will Haynie, Mayor of Mount Pleasant, SC

“I was a victorious client of McIntosh Consulting in a non-partisan election in 2017. The emphasis was on the veracity of my message and strict ethical compliance. By winning with 66% of the vote and winning 38 of 39 precincts, the value of their advice speaks for itself.”

Percy Bland, Mayor of Meridian, MS

“Lachlan helped formulate and implement a winning plan that allowed the campaign to reach more voters. His experience, know-how and take charge spirit helped us make history in Meridian.”

Mike McIntyre, US Congressman (NC-7, Retired)

“In 2012, Lachlan McIntosh helped lead our team across the victory line in the closest congressional race in the country. His insight, strategy, and understanding of the mechanics of a modern campaign were very helpful to us.”

Spencer Wetmore, South Carolina State Representative

"Lachlan’s experience, insight, and instincts make him one of the best strategists in the business.  I was a newcomer to politics, and we ran a successful Primary, Special, and General election to win a seat in the SC State House."

Joe Erwin, Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, 2003-2007

“Lachlan did a great job as my executive director at the SC Democratic Party. He’s very focused and knows what it takes to win. He won 80% of his campaigns in 2008, and I expect many more wins in the future.”

Anne Peterson Hutto, former South Carolina State Representative

“McIntosh Consulting was there for me from the beginning. I had never run for office before and they helped map out and implement a campaign plan that got me through a tough primary and general election. They offered the sound and experienced advice that a newcomer to politics like me needed.”

Jim Hodges, Former Governor of South Carolina

“Lachlan and his team really understand how modern campaigns work. They know how to communicate messages and they fight hard for their candidates.”

John C. Land III, Former South Carolina Senate Democratic Leader

“Lachlan has been a huge help in getting Democrats elected in these parts for a long time. He’s a respected guy who knows the players and knows the game. He has assembled a top-notch team of young guns who compliment his wisdom and experience nicely.”

Ray Mabus, Former Governor of Mississippi

“Lachlan came into Mississippi without knowing a soul to help Barack Obama’s campaign build an organization. In no time, there was an office running, volunteers lining up out the door and organizational meetings happening all over the state. He quickly helped pull together a strong team that helped propel Obama to a landslide win in our state’s Presidential Primary.”

Joseph P. Riley, Former Mayor of Charleston, SC

“Lachlan has been successfully helping Democrats get elected for years. He was a huge help to my (2003 and 2007) campaigns. He knows how to build an organization and get voters to the polls. Without question, Lachlan has emerged as one of the best Democratic campaign consultants in this region.”

Leon Stavrinakis, South Carolina State Representative

“Lachlan has been a central figure in all of my political campaigns. He is one of the people who recruited me to run for office in 1998. He has a unique instinct for politics and is a proven winner. Lachlan has built a track record of success in state and local races in South Carolina which can be a particularly tough political environment for Democrats.”

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